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    1. NEEQ:833903


      • 2022

        Zhejiang Hangzhen Energy Technology Co., Ltd met innovation standard, thus upgraded to innovative layer.

      • 2021

        The company undertook 100t&170t LF EPC project for Anyang steel, which used our self-developed process automation control system, including metallurgical models, and marched towards the intelligent and unmanned refining of LF.

      • 2020

        2.62 million ton/year slurry bed residue hydrogenation unit (tens of millions of process gas volume) was successfully put into use in SINOPEC Maoming Company. The manufacturing site was moved from Hangzhou to Anji, Huzhou and the Zhejiang Hangzhen Intelligence Technology Co., was founded.

      • 2016

        The company undertook the first 180t RH refining furnace EPC project for Hebei Anfeng Iron&Steel Co., Ltd, marking the company's comprehensive entry into the RH refining field.

      • 2015

        The company completed shareholding restructuring and brought in strategic investors. The company was renamed: Zhejiang Hangzhen Energy Technology Co., Ltd. In November, the Company formally entered the NEEQ Securities Market with stock code 833903.

      • 2014

        The company constructed the domestically second fully mechanical vacuum pumping system at the top of vacuum distillation column--IT project of 3 million tons per year crude oil pyrolysis unit of CNOOC Zhoushan Petrochemical.

      • 2011

        The company extended to metallurgical alloy feeding field, and constructed for CFHI the first high temperature alloy feeding system in China.

      • 2009

        The company stepped into the aerospace vacuum simulation field, and undertook the development, design and production of vacuum system for large rocket vacuum simulation device for Institute 165 of CASIC No. 6, and the system has the pumping capability of 23000kg/h.

      • 2007

        The company entered metallurgical vacuum RH refining field, and constructed Shagang's 180tRH refining furnace body.

      • 2006

        The company co-developed jet desulfurization equipment with Guangzhou Petrochemical Branch, a standard bearer for desulfurization in China.

      • 2005

        The company entered the metallurgical vacuum VC refining field, and constructed 200-500 tons vacuum casting device for Shanghai Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd.

      • 2003

        The company engaged in steam turbine auxiliary equipment field and developed weighted automatic exhaust valves and Jet extractor system. At the same year, Hangzhen Vacuum Engineering Technology Co., Ltd was founded.

      • 2002

        The company undertook domestically first complete set of ejector system of ethylene glycol for intermission polyester for a subsidiary company of Tongkun Group. At the same year, the company passed the international and domestic ISO9001:2000 quality system certification.

      • 2001

        The company constructed 40t VD vacuum system for Shanghai No. 5 Steel Works, entered the cyclohexanone refining field and successfully developed advanced and energy-saving steam eject + water ring pump vacuum system, which began to be put into use in petrochemical and vacuum refining plant.

      • 1999

        The company got into metallurgical vacuum VD refining field.

      • 1998

        The company stepped into the field of caprolactam refining: construction of vacuum system for vacuum distillation of caprolactam plant in Nanjing DSM Oriental Chemical Company;

      • 1997

        The company unfolded full business wings within Sinopec system (such as Guangzhou Petrochemical, Zhenhai Petrochemical, Shanghai Refining and Chemical, Shanghai Petrochemical company, Nanjing Refinery, Jinling Petrochemical, Jinzhou Petrochemical);

      • 1996

        The company won a contract of 4 million tons of atmospheric and vacuum distillation unit from Sinopec Guangzhou Petrochemical, officially admitted into the petrochemical system to provide a complete set of vacuum equipment for vacuum distillation. A year of milestone for West Lake Vacuum Equipment Factory;

      • 1995

        August 1995.Hangzhou West Lake Vacuum Equipment Factory was established, and at the same year was offered a contract by Nanjing Oriental Chemical Co., Ltd (now as DSM (China) Co., Ltd) to renovate a complete set of imported vacuum system for caprolactam; offered a contract by Nanjing Alkylbenzene Factory (now as Sinopec Jinling Petrochemical Alkylbenzene Plant) to design and manufacture a complete set of vacuum system; offered a contract by Nanjing Chemical Plant (now as Sinopec Nanjing Chemical Industry Co., Ltd);

      Service Tel:

      +86-571-88750211 (Business)
      +86-571-88750311 (Technology)
      Add: 26th Floor, Yuexiu Xinghui Center, No. 723 Dayuan Road, Qingshan Lake Science and Technology City, Lin'an District, Hangzhou
      URL: www.hzvacuum.com
      Zip code: 311305 Fax: +86-571-88750313
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