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      一、真空處理解決方案全面覆蓋鋼水精煉真空處理領域,包括RH/ VD /VOD/VC等裝置,形成了300多套系統成功應用。

      二、真空處理解決方案形成三大系列: 全蒸汽噴射系統式真空方案、蒸汽噴射+水環泵式真空系統、全機械泵干式真空系統。





      HANGZHEN ENERGY is a leading vacuum system EPC supplier. We provide a total solution coverying design, manufacturing, test, operation, maintenance and service.

      Wide business scope

      We served many customers indifferent industries, including petrochemical, metallury, chemistry and aerospace.

      Big market share

      We are the leader in vacumm system niche market: 70% share in petrochemical market; 20% share in VD/VOD and 60% share in VC of metallury market; more than 40% share of aerospace market, and 20% share in chemistry industry.

      Advanced technology.

      Our 6 total solutions integrated mature and advanced product and technology, and can be customized according customers’process. We have accumulated many know-how and patents, which build our leading position in China.

      Multiple business model

      We provide many choices for our customers, including direct sell, deputy, finance lease and EMC.


      To address the concerns of customers and achieve the business philosophy of "winning high trust from customers", in addition to preventing and strictly controlling non conformities in product design and manufacturing processes, corresponding specifications and standards have also been established in technical and after-sales services. We promise the following technical and after-sales services to our company:


      The warranty period of our company's products is within one year from the date of operation or eighteen months from the date of delivery.


      During the warranty period, if the product encounters problems due to our company's reasons, our company is responsible for providing free maintenance and replacement of the provided product. If due to customer reasons, our company is responsible for repairing and replacing the product at cost price.


      Our company has a dedicated engineering service department and provides contact phone numbers, email addresses, etc. for after-sales technical support personnel, which can respond to customer problems 24/7.


      Our company also has a dedicated technical expert team, and customers will quickly receive technical support.


      Our company will provide telephone guidance to customers for self maintenance after receiving notification from users regarding general equipment malfunctions; In case of unclear or difficult faults, our company's technical personnel will arrive at the equipment site for maintenance within 24 hours.


      Our company will train on-site operators and maintenance personnel for customers free of charge.

      Service Tel:

      +86-571-88750211 (Business)
      +86-571-88750311 (Technology)
      Add: 26th Floor, Yuexiu Xinghui Center, No. 723 Dayuan Road, Qingshan Lake Science and Technology City, Lin'an District, Hangzhou
      URL: www.hzvacuum.com
      Zip code: 311305 Fax: +86-571-88750313
      Contact us
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